3 Spool x 300m Vanity Eyebrow Threading Thread Extra Soft Strong Anti Bacterial

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Vardhman Vanity Eyebrow Threading Cotton Threads Tkt 40 Cotton Thread Extra Soft & Strong With Anti Bacterial Treatment Made In India Vardhaman Vanity Eyebrow Threading Thread TKT 40 1 Spool – 300m – Appx. 23gms Qty : 3 Spools Vanity 40 tkt is worlds first Anti bacterial Eyebrow threading cotton thread. Most Eyebrow threading professional prefer Vanity 40 for eyebrow threading since it will not break for the entire threading process and also it is cotton thread a plus for threading eyebrow, upper lips, face and body. Also very soft on Skin and customers will not feel any pains during threading very soft and gentle on skin. Vardhman Organic Eyebrow Threading Cotton Threads Hair Removal 300m Spool Tkt40 Strengthfor eyebrows, upper lip, chin, sides and other small areas Anti Bacterial Anti Fungal 100% cotton India’s only specialist eyebrow threading thread Anti-bacterial treatment which protects skin from allergy and Infection Made of the finest quality cotton on state of the art machines Uniform structure of the thread makes it smooth over skin surface


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