Avon Mega Effects Mascara with Keratin Blackest Black

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The Wonderbrush bends and adjusts to multiple angles capturing every lash, top to bottom. The unique brush fits the natural shape of lashes, coating them evenly with formula from root to tip. 0° gives you quick application and volume, adjust to 40° to apply to upper and lower lashes, and 90° gives you full application from root to tip. The brush design allows for full access to every lash, delivering 40% more mascara than average brushes. Mega Volume and Mega lashes have never been easier! BENEFITS • 40% more mascara delivery for MEGA volume • Specially designed brush gives full access to every lash • Easy to apply • Eyes look bigger • Lashes look darker, denser, and more dramatic • Provides all day, 24-hour volume • Lashes will look phenomenal from dusk till dawn • Sweat-proof and non-flaking • Clump-proof • Hypoallergenic TO USE • Grip the product at sides and remove red cap • Rock brush from side to side and remove • Bend brush to desired degree, apply from root to tip • Apply multiple coats to make your perfect look • Make sure applicator is locked back in place MEGA EFFECTS BRUSH This wetter formula combined with the Wonderbrush allows the formula to coat your lashes without leaving any clumps. Now, with a wetter formula, you obviously want to avoid any messes. So a good tip is to make sure you rock the wand when opening the package. That allows you to control how quickly the wand is released from the package. .317 oz. net wt. Made in USA


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