BBIA Last Auto Gel Eyeliner Wedding Edition (W4 Juliet Rose)

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Color:W4 Juliet Rose Meet BBIA Last Auto Gel Eyeliner, the Wedding Edition. Just a single touch will be enough for clear expressions, with smooth sliding gel texture. It drys instantly, thus leaving no smudges or marks behind. (If you’re using it as a eye shadow, quickly spread out the eye liner.) 120% upgraded waterproof feature will provide long-lasting and clear lines. It is an auto-type liner, which enables easy line drawing with a built-in sharpner for easy usage and quick drawing. How to Use 1. Apply powder or shadow before using eyeliner, to control oil around eye area. 2. Fill in spaces between eyelashes, and draw eyeline as desired. 3. Rotate the black area on the bottom part of the pencil for further usage. 4. Use the sharpner attached on the bottom of pencil to sharpen the end of Last Auto Gel Eyeliner. Cautions 1. Please ROTATE the lid to open, since the air pocket inside the lid can break the eyeliner due to sudden pressure. 2. Always close lid after using. 3. Do not put the lid on the end of the pencil where the sharpner is, since the sharpner can become stuck in the lid. 4. Due to characteristics of the eyeliner itself, the Eye liner lead can be detached or broken. If the Eyeliner lead is detached from the container, press deeply into the pencil for normal use. If lead is broken, please contact seller for replacement.


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