Beauties Factory Makeup 4-Pan Empty Palettes Case (with mirror)

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4-Pan Empty Palettes Case (with mirror) Now you can create your own palettes! Just choose the makeup shades that are right for your skin tone and personal style. This is an easy way for you to create makeup palettes with your most perfect shades! This empty palette fits the Eye Shadow Compacts that sold in Just choose the palettes with different number of pans and fill the palettes with any shade combination! There are 160 colors of eyeshadow compacts for you to choose. Create your own now!! Number of empty pan : 4 Pan size: 3.5cm (diameter) Case size: 9cm x 9cm ** Just choose the palette case with the correct number of eyeshadow compacts, BF-Beauty would assemble the eyeshadow compacts into the palette case for you so the palettes are ready for use. For eyeshadow compact ordered individually, they would come with individual package. If you wish to assemble the palettes yourself, please let us know when you pay


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