BOOTS No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara Brown/Black

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Product Description

An innovative 3-in-1 wand to give volume and definition to every lash. This amazing mascara has a magic wand and unique, conditioning formula. The left side of the brush loads lashes for great volume, the right side combs lashes to ensure clump-free, clean definition while the top has been designed to target even hard to reach lashes, giving you three ways to achieve exceptionally defined lashes. How To Use: There are 3 easy steps to use this mascara: Step 1 – The side with the long plastic bristles on the brush are designed to volumize the lashes, adding maximum color evenly through the lashes. Step 2 – The short bristles on the other side of the wand are perfect for combing through the lashes, separating and defining every lash. Step 3 – The end or ˆ?top of the brushˆ? is for finishing off the application and is perfect for lashes at the corner of the eye or for the lower lashes. .24 oz.


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