Canmake Lighting Liquid Eyes

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Product Description

5g 01 Chandelier Beige Translucent lam? and pearl particles create a lower waterline with an adorable plumpness that still looks natural This pearly beige blends in well with your skin, while providing outstanding definition and moisture. Lower waterline conditioning cosmetic treatment Just a touch is all you need for a quick and easy charge of moisture and cuteness Waterproof formulation resistant to sebum and rubbing. – Conditions the lower waterline – Naturally emphasizes the lower waterline – Clings tightly! Liquid formulation for an infusion of moisture – A finish that you just can’t get with a powder – Clings to your skin, keeping your eyes just as beautiful as when you first applied it! – Provides just the right amount of sheen, for eyes that glisten! – Moisturizes without stickiness. – A plump lower waterline is one of the key points in a girl’s armory of cuteness – Moisturize the lower waterline while wearing make-up


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