CLIO Pro Single Shadow 0.05 Ounce S031 Silk

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Size:0.05 Ounce  |  Color:S031 Silk [Item Feature] (1) Advanced technology : The innovative pigment-rich shades deliver vivid color payoff with professional results. (2) A variety of textures : Featuring professional-quality textures including matte, shimmer, pearl and glitter, the unique powder-to-cream shadow spreads evenly and creates lasting look without creasing. (3) Eclusively for Warm Understones : A range of shades specifically designed for warm undertones. these wearable colors are perfect for any on-trend makeup looks [About Color] Color Combo1 Feminine Rose : Your eyes will exude sophistication with this soft and subtle shade of Peony. – M40 Shot – M38 Porcelain – M39 Peony Color Combo2 Ruby Smokey : A sultry smokey eye makeup even the devil will fall in love with you. – S48 Sun and Sand – P45 Smokey Top – P49 Devil May Cry – P51 Red Salt Color Combo3 Edgy Pastel Club : A glowing party queen look that will make all guys go crazy over you. – S34 Coming Out – M41 Mew – S48 Sun and Sand Color Combo4 Natural Chic : A natural eye makeup look you’ll want to wear every single day. – S36 Fabric – M43 Wood – S50 Dark Rain


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