Ecvtop Professional Makeup Kit Eyeshadow Palette Lip Gloss Blush Concealer,29 Color

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Light Red EyeshadowWith soft light red eye shadow, can emphasize the eyes of the bright,clean and lovely.Purple EyeshadowPurple has a sense of mystery, can increase the charming eyes.White skinned people are more suitable for painted purple eye shadow.Blue EyeshadowBlue eye shadow can be used as decorative colors, and matching clothing tone. The blue eye shadow can be painted in the eyelid fold, it can also be inside the corner of the eye or outside the eye for a small amount of embellishment.Brown EyeshadowEasy to coordinate with the skin color, and appears generous, natural. Fashion sense,brown eyeshadow are the commonly used colors.Gray EyeshadowGray eye shadow can emphasize or change the eye structure.Green EyeshadowIn a specific environment, the green eye shadow can give people a young, vibrant, full of fresh feeling. Suitable for coating in the eyelid fold or for a small area of ??the point coating.Yellow EyeshadowCan be used as a bright color to express the structure, or as a decorative color.Black EyeshadowThe popular smoky, using brown or gray colors before using black eye shadow as the base will have a better effect.The steps for using Ecvtop eyeshadowDip light-colored eye shadow brushing the entire eyelid area.Dip a darker color eye shadow brushing the entire eye socket position and stretch a little from the end of eye.Dip an other darker eye shadow along the edge of the orbit, making the eyes more profound, dip light eye shadow modified eye brow and eye head.


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