Eveline Cosmetics Big Volume Lash Professional Mascara Natural Bio Formula

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Mascara Big Volume Lash- Natural BIO formula An exceptional mascara, naturally making the lashes cosmetically beautiful and caring them at the same time. Lashes become perfectly shaped – visibly lifted, full of volume and precisely separated. Perfectly profiled, flexible and elastic brush BOLD&FLEXY BRUSH TM will precisely style even most demanding lashes, with a visible thickening effect. Thanks to our specially designed brush it reaches even shortest lashes giving them beautiful color and drama. Patented formula of the mascara is based on natural bio-components. D-panthenol- Effectively adds elasticity and moisturizes your lashes from root to the very tip. Carnauba Wax- A natural extract that nourishes lashes, instantly regenerates and protects lashes against falling out. Jojoba Extract- Penetrates deep into the hair, radically rebuilding its structure. Natural mineral pigments revitalize the lashes, stimulate growth and protect against mechanical damage. Unique application system makes effects noticeable after first stroke. Effects: • delightful, sensual volume • natural, seductive thickness • incredible feeling of lightness • nourished and healthy lashes • perfect separation of lashes without lumps


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