Eye Kandy – Eye, Body and Lip Glitter Kit

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Eye Kandy Kandy Bag is a great gift or starter kit for anyone. The Kandy Bag comes with our Liquid Sugar base, Eye Kandy Sprinkles, and an applicator brush. All wrapped up in a neat little bag.Bag includes: 1 bottle of Liquid Sugar base, 1 Eye Kandy Sprinkles (Choice of 85 colors), 1 Applicator BrushEye Kandy Colors: Ballistic Berry SF, Bananarama, Berry Blast SF, Black Bart SF, BubbleGum, Butterscotch SF, Candy Apple SF, Candy Cane SF, Candy Coin SF, Carmel Apple F, Cherry Bomb SF, Chiclets SF, Chocolate Chip SF, Citrus Twist SF, Confetti SF, Cotton Candy, Double Bubble SF, Ginger Snap SF, GumBall, Hard Candy SF, Honey Drop SF, Icing, Jawbreaker, JellyBean, Licorice Stick SF, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Peach Fizz, Pixie Stick F, Pixie Stick SF, Razzle Berry SF, Shock Tart, Sizzlin Cinnamon, Sour Apple SF, Sour Berry, Spearment SF, Sugar Cane F, Sugar Plum, Sweet Tart, Taffy F, Taffy SF, Tangerine Twist, Tiny Tart, Toffee SF, Tutti Frutti, Watermelon S, Yellin’ Mellon SFTO APPLY: Gently squeeze a small amount of liquid into lid. Dip your brush into the Liquid Sugar, slide along rim to remove excess liquid, dip your brush into Sprinkles glitter and apply like a liquid eyeliner. When applied, eyelids may feel tight at first, but product loosens up within minutes. When Sprinkles glitter is applied too thick, flaking may occur and the glitter tends to lose its shine.DRY TIME: This product will take 30-60 seconds to air dry depending on how thickly it is applied.REMOVAL: Washes off easily with soap and water.


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