Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow- Pearl Shades- 10 count (Shade #1- Silver Lining)

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Product Description

Color:Shade #1- Silver Lining Eye majic instant eye shadow is the world’s first complete, state-of-the-art eye shadow application that allows you to achieve a professional makeup artist look without the fuss of brushes and pots. It can also be applied over existing make-up and/or apply on top of each other for additional color combinations. This is the solution for those who don’t have the time to apply eye shadow or the knowledge of how to apply shadow to create dramatic looking eyes. It works by transferring perfectly paired color combinations of eye shadow onto the eyelids with a trade secret ‘heat transfer technology’. The warmth generated by the human body activates the powders and then transfers the eye shadow/colors from the applicator to the eyelid in a simple swipe. The shadow lasts all day and doesn’t crease of fade. Each applicator is sealed in its own biodegradable package, providing a safe hygienic application every time.


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