Eyelash Extensions BEAUTE Rroir TONIC & ESSENCE Lash Grow / Lash Enhancer

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Product Description

BEAUTE Rrior TONIC&ESSENCE is a nourishing tonic &essence for eyebrow and eyelashes including peptide ingredients. Rich nourishing ingredient like Collagen, Withch Hazel, and Allantoin directly provide nutrition for hair root to transform dry damaged eyelashes into healthy shiny eyelashes. Tonic: permeates nutrition directly into hair root for faster, healthier growth and strengthen the hair root.Essence : Enriches and hydrates to make healthier and shiner eyelashes.[ingredient]Has cell renewal, healing, and anti-aging effect. Also increases resilience and stimulates growth.Natural moisturizer to hydrate and balances water level in corneum for healthier hair.Plant base rich moisturizer extracted from sugar beet root to prevent from dryness and provide fuller volume and luscious sheen.Has skin protection, freckle and wrinkle prevention effect. Best ingredient for resilience.Has excellent healing effect and great for calming and relieving. Hydrates and captures moisture.Has sterilization, antiseptic rich moisturizing effects.


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