Laneige Eyebrow Cushion-cara 6g (#1 Two-tone Gray)

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Product Description

Color:#1 Two-tone Gray Recommend to!! 1. Makeup beginners who have difficulty using pencil-type products Expresses natural brow makeup even for beginners who cannot draw natural eyebrows 2. Customers who experience faded eyebrow makeup due to oily skin Liquid-to-powder texture that’s resistant to water and sweat, lasts all day long 3. Customers who experience clumps after applying brow mascara Easy-to-adjust liquid texture expresses natural brow color! How to use STEP 1:With the wide defining brush, take an appropriate amount after adjusting the amount on the cushion, and then define the line. STEP 2:With the fine Mohican brush, take an appropriate amount of bright color and comb overall in the direction of eyebrow.


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