Mally Beauty Ultimate Performance Ink Liner, .01 fl oz

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Product Description

Who is it for: Any woman who wants the flexibility to create a subtle look by day and a bolder look by night; who’s looking for a liquid liner that adds supreme definition to her eyes; and wants a liquid liner that won’t tug or pull while applying, that is quick drying and smudge-proof, and will last for hours. Why is it different: Its ergonomic shape was created to give you the most out of your liquid liner. The container fits comfortably in your hand, and the tip’s unique, soft fibers help lay down just the right amount of product so that it’s not too goopy or too dry. This liner goes on smoothly without tugging or pulling on your eye, and is completely smudge-proof. Ultimate Performance Ink Liner lasts for hours, or until you decide to take it off! How do I use it: Apply Ultimate Performance Ink Liner before applying your mascara so that it goes on smoothly and evenly for all-day wear. To get a winged cat-eye effect, work the liner across the lid from inner to outer corner, then draw the outside of the wing and match on the other side. Finish by filling in the wing, creating a smooth line. Instead of lining the lash line in one fell swoop, slowly ‘walk’ the liner across the lid using shorter strokes.


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