Missha Viewer 270? Mascara All In Volume

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Viewer 270? Mascara – All in Volume ? For scanty eyelashes ? Rich and bouncy eyelashes by Ultra layering system ? Soft flexible peanut brush ? Perfect viewer 270? at any angle – Optimized formula provides excellent fixation of eyelash curling after applying and makes eyelashes look perfect at 90?, 180?, 270? and any angle. – It helps make eyes deeper and more vivid all day long without smudging and flaking. ? Rich and bouncy eyelashes by Ultra layering system – Formula with even particle coats eyelashes neatly to make rich and bouncy eyelashes without lumping. ? Peanut brush for scanty eyelashes – Customized soft peanut brush for scanty eyelashes helps the eyelashes being lifted up strongly making the eyes look deeper and more vivid. How to use 1. Sweep the brush up softly in a zigzag motion from the root of eyelashes. 2. Reapply it 1-2 times from the middle part to the end of eyelashes with long part of brush to make longer and more glamorous eyelashes.


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