New Exotic 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, 300% Fiber Mascara by Lili’s Touch Inc Exclusive 3D Fiber Lashes, plus Case

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300% Fiber Mascara by Lili’s Touch Inc | Exotic 3D Fiber Lashes – 300% is Lili’s Touch Most Sought After 3D Fiber Lash Mascara yet! Get 3D Volume and 3D Length with this Revolutionary, On Demand, Exotic Fiber Mascara. Get the coveted look and beauty of lash extensions without the expense. Open up your eyes and see a much brighter future, looking much younger and sexier NOW and FOREVER! Super Safe, Exotic & Natural Water-resistant, nonetheless easy removal by applying soap & water High-quality natural ingredients, including green tea fibers Very Safe for those with contact lens & sensitive eyes Flake-free and Hypoallergenic Non-toxic, Paraben and SLS free Easy to Apply and Remove You no longer have to fight using painful, fake eyelashes – 300X Fiber Lashes can be applied easily and In 60 seconds or less you can have long, elegant and exotic lashes with no glue, no mess and no hassle. Apply 1 coat of the transplanting gel (longer tube). While the gel is still wet, apply 1 coat of the dry fibers (that is the shorter tube) to the middle and tips of your lashes. Finish with a coat of transplanting gel to lock in the 3D fibers. Use an eyelash comb or dry mascara wand to define and separate each lash. You Can Now Try 300% 3D Fiber Lashes Risk Free! Why wait! Aren’t you convinced enough? This time is yours to be whatever and whoever you want to be. Now you can the celeb-quality look without the burden of sitting for hours in a beauty shop getting FAKE lashes. Purchase your very own set of our best selling Exotic 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara now, for up to 80 applications per set. Make your eyelashes fuller, longer, extravagant and more beautiful than you would have ever thought possible. Get the lavish look that will make your friend covet your Magic EYE with Lililash!


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