OPTIMIZED Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Serum with Pentapeptide 17 and Hyaluronic Acid

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Size:4ml GET TO THE ROOT OF THIN, SHORT AND SPARSE LASHES – NOW YOU CAN HAVE CELEBRITY LONG LASHES AND THICK BROWS Try this bottle for 1 Month. We guarantee you will be AMAZED by the results. Called ‘ The Lash Doctor’ by Hollywood Makeup Artists! Secret of spas in Beverly Hills! WHAT IS IT?  Hyaluronic Acid + Thickening hydo delivery gets to the root of the problem & plumps it in Pentapeptide-17 Lengthening max dose of the No.1 growth peptide in eyelash care HOW IT WORKS:   Optimized Lash Serum uses a proprietary Hydro Delivery System that penetrates and restores the naturally-occuring growth compound in your follicle. AFTER AGE 30:   Your body’s natural keratin levels decrease fast. Lashes and Brows become thin and brittle WHAT TO DO?   Supercharge your lashes growth levels with Optimized Lash Perfector + SIMPLY CONSIDER 3 THINGS! 1. THE BEST:   Most brands charge $35 – $75 per bottle. Is this value for your money? Buy only the Best! 2. THE QUALITY:   100% Maximum Strength Professional Take Home Serum, Concentrated Medical Quality! 3. THE RESULTS:   We’ll let you judge for yourself. We guarantee you’ll be happy or your Money Back! Our Luxurious VELVETY LIQUED GEL glides on and absorbs FAST ? Directly tackles thin, fragile, short, sparse and damaged lashes and brows ? POWER OF 2 ingredients, plump and grow ? CONCENTRATED GROWTH POWER WORKHORSE ? BOOST keratin for a healthy lash thickness and plump, younger looking lashes and brows ? For all skin types, including sensitive, dry, oily and breakout prone skin ? Proudly Made in the USA ? BUY WITH CONFIDENCE money back guarantee with this product ? Try RISK FREE Now! For celebrity thick Lashes and Brows WITHOUT THE SPA PRICE TAG!


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