Peak Green Mica Powder 1oz – Metallic Green – Pearl Pigment Powder

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Color:Light green A light moss green colour is the best way to describe Peak Green mica mineral powder. The color is so rich that you just want sniff it, but please DO NOT!!! (Mica particles are very fine, and even though they are not toxic, sure you could do some serious damage inhaling it. Mica brain freeze) . Peak green mica particles range from 10-60um, which makes it even smoother than the flashing green. It is not as sparkly as the flashing green, but is very metallic. When smeared on a white background you can see its part of its yellowish characteristic. You are purchasing one ounce (1oz) of Peak Green mineral mica powder, which is packaged in a reusable wide mouth plastic container for easy access and use.


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