Peripera Ink Black Cara 2.03 Ounce 02 Volume Setting

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Size:2.03 Ounce  |  Color:02 Volume Setting [Item Feature] 01. Blacken with INK BLACK and lighten with an ink formula More black and clear with Black Gel Fix Polymer Coating – Uses a transparent GEL BASE to create clean and clear lashes with black pigment. Forms a coating layer on eyelashes to effectively prevent smudging or fallout Even lighter with Thixotropic Technique and no clumping after multiple applications – TGS BASE ( Thixotropic gel-structure base) Gel-structured mascara liquid thinly clings to your eyelashes, and provides an even effect without clumping after multiple applications. It contains thixotropic properties to smoothly coat every inch of your eyelashes with a mascara brush. 02. Absolute curls without sagging Linking Film System that improves the bonding of hard film and eyelashes, and provides a powerful setting effect – Uses Dual Compatible Polymers to improve the bonding of hard film and eyelashes, and provides a setting effect 03. Ink Lasting effect without smudging Minimizes smudging under your eyes with Wrapping Colorant Technology – W.C.T (Wrapping Colorant Technology) Fine powder with a wide specific surface area effectively wraps pigment to prevent clumping, absorbs sebum and oil, and minimizes smudging under your eyes. It enhances pigment dispersion to increase blackness, and dries quicker to minimize smudging.


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