Peripera Wholly Deep Jewel Pot Special Set 0.2 OZ Special Set (No.1 + No.8)

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Size:0.2 OZ  |  Color:Special Set (No.1 + No.8) [Item Feature] – Fiercely Glittering Pearly Touch : Gloriously Shining Pearls that Sparkles at Any Angle. So pearly and shiny at any angle,it’ll take your breath away. – Indelible Make-Up With Multi-Proof : Water, sweat, feathering, and ceasing? What’s that? It’s not over until you remove them with lip and eye makeup remover. – Sticky, Moist texture like a Brownie : Your eyes are so precious! Don’t harsh on your eyes using crumbly and prickly pearls. With its sticky, moist texture JEWEL POT stays put and won’t feather! [About Color] 01 Aphrodite Look beautiful, luxurious and magical like goddess with transparent pearls. 02 Sign of Love : Your delicate and lovely eye lines will look so attractive, he won’t be able to keep his eyes off you. 03 Too Pretty Wedding Guest : Don’t use this on your friend’s wedding. You’ll look prettier than the bride! 04 The Best Airport-Fashion Ever : This edgy bronzing orange will make you shine even brighter than celebrities. 05 Pure But Sexy : I’m not just a cute girl. i can be perky and vivacious too! Fall in love with me instantly! 06 Dreamy and Captivating Eyes : Chic and sexy makeup that will make everyone turn their heads 07 I’m the Trendsetter : Wanna come a trendsetter like me? Try this look tomorrow!(But I’ll be wearing something new by then). 08 Sweet and Edgy Girl : It’s no fun sticking with the same look! Go sweet or edgy! He will fall in love with you all over again. 09 Bling Bling : Who needs accessories when you have eyes shining like diamonds? 10 Spring Blossom : Make your eyes blossom like spring flower with glittering pearls. 11 Brilliant Peach : Make your eyes look innocent and sweet with finely pigmented opal pearls. 12 Twinkle Golden Brown : Complete deep and romantic eyes with glittering gold pears!


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