Punker Unrivaled Volume & Curl Lash Wax (Deep Black)

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Product Description

A revolutionary mascara formula inspired by ultra lightweight hair styling pomades. PUNKER Lash Wax gives an obnoxious amount of volume to create the boldest thickest lashes ever without weighing them down. Because this creamy wax-based formula does not dry or harden on lashes, it will never flake or create fallouts, even when multiple layers are applied. Thanks to a special curling resin, lashes have noticeably more curl after just one week of daily use. The slightly curved oversized brush with flexible bristles is designed to coat the lashes with a maximum amount of wax, evenly and without clumps. Extracts of Glycerin and Sunflower Oil nourish lashes. Made in France. 0.4 fl. oz.


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