[RiRe] Luxe Gel Tatoo Eye Brow 7g / #1 Light Brown

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Product Description

Product Description Easy and quick drawing brush type. Long-lasting effect. Reduces the make-up time in every hectic morning. Long lasting eyebrows giving vivid color with one touch. Made of Natural extract for the safety of skin. Soft and fine brush tattoo each lash. Thin coating shield safe on sweat and water. How to use 1. Before bedtime, After washing off, dry out the eye area and remove all the greasiness, so the color could be shown up perfectly. 2. Fix and brush eyebrows to one side. 3. Use brush to fill between eyebrows with light touch. (you want (apply several times) It will be tinted in a few minutes) 4. The next morning, lightly wipe give Eyebrow Tattoos completed. (For long lasting tattoo effect retouch every 3~4 days.)


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