ROPALIA Bling Glitter Eye Shadow Loose Powder Shimmer Pigment Eyeshadow Makeup

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Color:A1 Specifications: 1.Instantly aufhellen outline Specular rods three-dimensional grooming,instant bloom letter-V face,smear vertically at one stroke along the bridge of the nose and instantly let bridge of the nose turn into straight and upright,stereo,achieve natural straight,plump and smooth-skinned effect 2.Full forehead&Erect nose After completion of the whole makeup use specular rods to daub on face to carry bright,make the face more stereo 3.Build lie silkworm&Pointed chin Draw letter V on chin area,let chin plump lovely,emerge little V-face effect Specific Parameters: Item description:Crystal diamond facial beautification shimmering powder Ingredient:Mineral Net weight:3g Size:5.5*3*3cm Texture:Bottled powder Note: Carry bright outline crystalline powder(Crystal powder is easy to wipe open) Laminating film design inside(Use a needle to puncture,control the dosage)


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