RUIMIO Glitter Powder 6 Colors with Adhesive and Brush for Eyeshadow, Makeup, Nail Art

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Glitter eyeshadow is a great way to literally add some sparkle to your look. With the six colors in this set and by using more or less glitter, with or without a base coat of regular eyeshadow, you can create any effect you like, from subtle and natural to bold and exotic. Whether you want to just dress up your everyday look a bit, or craft an extra-special look for a night on the town, this set will have you covered. And while these glitters are perfect for eyeshadow, they have other uses as well. In particular, applying glitter to eyebrows is a great look that has recently come into vogue. Glitter can also be added to nail polish, or sprinkled over the face, shoulders, or neckline area. So why not order this kit today? It has everything you need to add a little bit (or a lot) of sparkle to your look! Glitter Glue Ingredients: AQUA, VP/VINYLCAPROLACTAM/DMAPA ACRYLATES COPOLYMER, GLCEROL, POLYVINYLPYROLIDONE, PEG-40 HYAROGENTED CASTOR OIL, CARBOMER, TRIETHANMINE, EDTA DISODIUM SALT, FRAGRANCE. Note: The glitter powder need to use with sticky things, such as eyelash glue or glitter powder fixed glue to stick firmly. Please apply the glue evenly, and add the powder within 60 sec (Because the glue may be dry after 60 sec.) Press the glitter powder with attached brush lightly, this way the glitter powder can get a better result. Package Including: 1 * RUIMIO Loose Glitter Powder 6 Colors with Glue and Bursh for Eyeshadow Makeup, Nail Art


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