[TOSOWOONG][MAKEON]Liquid Eyeliner/Waterproof/Oil proof/Pen type eyeliner/MAKEUP (Lovely Beige)

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Color:Lovely Beige 8 types of various colors that you can create outstanding eye line clearly and evenly.You can create the eye makeup you want with detailed line as it is a liquid type.You can control thickness of eye line with an appropriate amount of strengthIt has strong sustaining power that lasts for 24 hours!it is recommended for those who want to create intense and clear eyes.How to use1.Pull over the tail of eyes to the side slightly and draw a line from the tail towards the center of eyes as if you fill up an empty space.2.Lightly pull up the eye lid and apply it again along with the eye line.3.Make a point on the tail of eyes to complete attractive and clear catÂ’s eye.


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